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Completely cleaned even spruce up uPVC gutters, fascia’s, Soffits, bargeboards and cladding. If left for a long time uPVC will become heavily stained with algae and traffic fumes making them look old and tired.

Using our special cleaner and trained operatives we can bring it back to life and look like new again! It is recommended that uPVC is cleaned annually to keep it looking fresh and new.


All our uPVC cleaning is done by hand only and never pressure washed as water when pressure washing can enter the roofline and cause serious damp and mould problems inside the home so we recommend not to do this as an option. We use ladders with stabilisers to carefully access the roofline to clean all the uPVC surfaces.

The cleaning process involves clearing all the guttering and downpipes of debris, once this is done the uPVC is washed with soapy water and a mild cream cleaner or a PVC solvent cleaner on special microfibre cloths to remove heavy staining.