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Commercial gutter cleaning in Christchurch


After the recent storms we have had this week it’s been very busy on the phone with peoples gutters leaking. We got a call from a commercial unit owner that had trouble with an overflowing gutter problem. For Commercial gutter cleaning in christchurch call us on 01202 240797.

Without adequate routine maintenance, gutters can become damaged and tired looking. Regular gutter maintenance services result in gutters and roofing that will provide extended longevity, reducing the risk of damage to property, both internally and externally.

Our services are ideal for both large or small commercial properties including warehouses, retail spaces and office buildings. Completely cleaned specialise in offering routine maintenance services that provide our customers with a safe and trusted solution.

The gutters had not drained the rain water away properly which caused an overflow resulting in flooding in to the building. We managed to get a good look at the gutters and noticed there were several seagull nests and grass roots.

We do a lot of commercial gutter cleaning in bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. After taking some photos of the gutters we showed him what was causing the problem and how to fix it.

We gave him the quote which he accepted and told him we would be there the next day to clear and repair the gutters, even providing before and after photos of our work for peace of mind.

Here’s a few before and after pictures from the unit, contact us for a free quote.

commercial gutter cleaning

Gutter repairs in Christchurch


Today we were working on some gutter repairs in Christchurch. The weather has been nice lately so they didn’t notice until it rained heavily, which was unfortunate.

They called us to come and repair their downpipe as it had come away from the guttering causing all the rain water from the roof to pool outside their front door and lovely front garden. It’s safe to say that once we fixed the problem they no longer needed an umbrella and wellies to leave the house.

All we had to do was put a ladder up and re-attach the downpipe and put screws in to hold it in place, the job took no more than 15 minutes and is now back in good working order, and as an added bonus for them we checked all the guttering over with no other problems to report leaving both me and them happy as Larry.

As a homeowner, you have a long to-do list of necessary upkeep and projects for your home. Gutter cleaning and repairs should be a routine part of this list. In actuality, it is one of the more important since rainwater runoff caused from poorly managing your gutter system can damage your home and foundation.


Gutter repairs

Gutter repairs









If you have a similar situation with your guttering, visit our gutter cleaning and repairs page to find out more, or contact us today.